Our Process: For Companies Who Want to Initiate An Executive Search But Wish To Preserve Their Anonymity,  

Please Do The Following:

1. Acquire a new “alias” email address from gmail.com, or hotmail.com, or yahoo.com, etc.

2. Enter your first name, title, email address and position to be filled, in the form below and submit.

3. You will receive a request that you confirm your email address.

4. We respond asking that you attach the position’s job description and requirements, and email to positions@telexecsolutions.com.

5. When we find an appropriate candidate, we will send you his/her resume and our contingency agreement for your review.

6. After you review, approve and submit to us, we will contact you to schedule an interview.

7. Check your alias email address periodically for our response.

Or Just pick up the phone and call Stan at 480-448-1740

It’s Just That Simple

The Call Center Executive Recruiter